Good luck to B.R.S.M!

B.R.S.M. is off to the US for a postdoc. And he does Woodward Wednesdays. What's not to like.

1. What is your message for BRSM?

It's the only time in your life when (unless you have a family) your only responsibility will be research; no teaching, no exams. Make the most of it while it lasts.

2. What is one postdoc survival tip you would give to BRSM?
Time is of the essence. While it's essential to have fun during your postdoc, you should hit the ground running and start making plans for job applications, grant proposals etc. right away.

3. Do you have a fun story you could share from your postdoc and/or US academic experience?
There was the time when a naive rotation student referred to the abbreviated name of a dye in her powerpoint presentation. Some of us wanted to know the structure, but before we had second thoughts and could stop her, she had already done a Google image search. Turns out the abbreviated dye name was also the name of a porn star. I thought she was going to faint with embarrassment (the rotation student, that is; porn stars never faint with embarrassment).

4. A survival tip for living in the US?
Unless you are living in a city, get a car. You don't want to add to your hectic postdoc schedule by walking in the heat/cold or waiting for the bus that never shows up.

5. What would you like to see on BRSM blog in the future?
More Woodward Wednesdays, naturally.

6. Anything else?
Live long and reflux!


  1. What was the name of the dye? Alexa Fluor? Marina Blue? Tamra?


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