Field of Science

Modern art?? No! Drugs!!

Incredible as they may seem, these are electron microscope pictures of crystallized DRUGS, including many common and important ones. There are literally hundreds of these and much more at Molecular Expressions
There is beauty in the world at many scales of existence...

1. Aspirin

2. Taxol (The best selling anti-cancer drug)

3. Omeprazole (Omez; Antacid)

4. AZT (The first worldwide anti-HIV drug)

5. Heroin (Need to say what it is?!)

6. Atorvastatin (Lipitor; currently the best selling-drug in the world)

7. Caffeine (The daily dose of stimulation with questionable medical value)

8. Ibuprofen (One of the most common anti-inflammatory drugs. Perfectly safe?)

9. Fluoxetine (The famous Prozac; from depression relief to suicidal tendencies...)

10. Sildenafil (Viagra; The wonder drug?!)

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