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I am giving this blog a slightly new look, and hope to breathe a fresh breath of life in it. I hope to post more often on technical matters about chemistry and related topics, and indeed, because of emphasis on technical matters, this blog should complement my other general blog. But since I have always been interested in other aspects of science like it's practice, social standing and general philosophy, I will always also comment on those aspects when I find it interesting to do. Some posts will be cross posted on the general blog.

As far as the technical side goes, I hope to post on organic chemistry (including synthesis), computational chemistry/molecular modeling, drug discovery, and general topics at the chemistry-biology interface. But these are just general guidelines for myself based on my interests, not hard and fast rules, and posts will occasionally include anything scientific that I find interesting. So it should not be surprising if one suddenly discovers a post on astronomy and animal behaviour. I want to treat science on this blog as fun, and as a human endeavor. And I want to treat it as something which has an exciting and interesting technical side, but also seamless connections within itself, and with human beings and society. So here goes.

A word on copyrights: I will be posting images that I see on other websites, including professional publications like those from the ACS. Every image will be referenced, and you should not see any image that has not been linked to its source. If you see this, please tell me about it, because I don't want to run into any legal issues here and want to acknowledge the source of everything I post. Also, I will refrain from saying anything about my own research except in a very general way, again for propreitary reasons.

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