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Path-y-ological science: Homeopathy and the memory of water

Inspite of its anecdotal benefits, homeopathy has rightly been regarded as dubious science. Especially its strained hypothesis of dilution actually increasing the potency of a drug runs counter to established scientific principles. But anecdotal evidence and good faith continues to fuel the homeopathic establishment. A novel hypothesis to explain the basic principle of homeopathy- the "memory of water"- was long discarded. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting credence once again. The new debate, however, establishes no basis for believing in this fantastic idea...

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  1. I think it's very generous, and likely incorrect, to regard it as "dubious science", since it doesn't really have a scientific aspect to it at all, but I'd have to agree with the general tenor of your attitude. :-p

  2. Right. I can see that you are not a big fan of homeopathy :D I do think however that some of the actual substances in homeopathy (which are natural products) could warrant at least a scientific investigation.

  3. Nice blog. Some of the very few chemistry blogs in India I guess.

  4. Correction:

    *one of the very few...


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