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Aldrichimica Acta Woodward Memoirs

I was not aware of this splendid 1977 issue of Aldrichimica Acta dedicated to RB. It has an insightful article by David Dolphin containing memories I have not heard recounted elsewhere. One of the more curious part of the article narrates the story of a horoscope that was prepared for Woodward! Read on...probably his most important piece of advice was:
"There is not time to worry over what others think of us..."

Also, I was hoping that someone who stumbles upon this blog would have a personal photograph of Woodward to contribute to our Wikipedia article on him. I have contributed considerably to this article and in fact was the first to expand it from a two sentence piece to a bonafide article, but could never locate a photo that didn't have a copyright.


  1. You of course meant 1977, not 1997.

  2. Affirmative. Error rectified. Thank you.

  3. You may want to contact Ian Fleming, who was a postdoc of Woodward. He had a picture of RB in his office: I have a vague idea that Ian took this himself.

    The photo is on Ian's website

  4. Thanks very much. I will get in touch with him then.

  5. This is interesting. In addition, for fun, I think you would like postdoc cartoons on VADLO search engine.


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