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Blogging will be slow

I am finishing up my graduate work and moving on to a postdoc up in the chilly northeast. Detailed location best undisclosed for now. Blogging will therefore be slow, although I hope to toss out some erudite nonsense about the graduate school experience soon.


  1. Good luck. Your posts have been excellent, particularly on PChem as it applies to chemistry. Where will you be in the frigid Northeast, as we live in the general area.


  2. Psi: Thanks, and congrats to you too; I hear you aced pretty much all your schools! Have you made a decision yet? Or are you still waiting to hear from the creme de le creme of your list?

    Retread: Thanks, I will be somewhere in the Garden State. Maybe I will run into you sometime. The random PChem excursions will continue.

  3. Congratulations on wrapping things up! It is the only time you ever want to be called "doctor" anyway - when your advisor steps out of the conference room and tells you you passed.

    Will you still be in the theoretical/computational camp as a postdoc, or will you be joining us experimental rogues?

  4. Thanks! And yes, that's pretty much the only time I want to be frankly addressed as "doctor".
    As for the postdoc, while I will still dominantly be in the theoretical/computational camp, I will also try my hands at some HTS-type stuff. Plus, if they allow me to indulge at least some of my NMR interests that could be fun. Maybe sometime I will write a post on why I turned theoretical; it was not that I disliked experiment; in fact even now I always talk a lot with experimentalists. I was just quite clumsy with my hands and realised that my PhD. is going to take forever if I do synthesis or something. But even now I try to keep up with experimental stuff as much as I can.


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