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Blogging from ground zero: day zero

I have finally arrived in Lindau, Bavaria to offer my thoughts on the meeting of minds between 500 students, 23 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and the handful of acting scientific journalists such as myself. The journey itself was uneventful but very long. It took me almost the same time to get from Frankfurt to this little island as it took me to get from New York City to Frankfurt. I had to change trains twice, first at Mannheim and then at Stuttgart. Plus I think I am still to savor the punctuality of German transport since my train was delayed by more than half an hour at Stuttgart and then twice more at miscellaneous stops. However I have to admit that this still beats driving or any form of personal transport.

I cannot yet offer my thoughts on the environment Lindau provides, but one thing stuck out as I passed over a bridge; a spectacular view of the Alps on the other side of the Bodensee. Again, I have yet to see around, but an island at the base of the alps which is located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland cannot exactly be dull and ugly, can it?

I have already started blogging on the Lindau blog website and I would prefer not to cross-post that material in other places. Here is the link to the website and to my first three posts:

Lindau blogs website

Exemplifying apprenticeship; The Lindau meetings

Diversity of talks; diversity of science

Surfaces, ammonia, ozone and scientific destiny

Live-blogging starts tomorrow! Here is the program for tomorrow:

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