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Book review: The Dale Carnegie of Silicon-29 NMR

Chemical Shifts and Coupling Constants for Silicon-29 (Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - New Series / Condensed Matter)

By Radha Raman Gupta (Contributor), Manfred Dieter Lechner (Contributor), Heinrich Marsmann (Contributor), Bozhana Mikhova (Contributor), Frank Uhlig (Contributor)

If you read this book, you cannot help but be instantly transformed into a silicon-29 NMR lover and specialist, purveyor of a wonderful, deep and satisfying field of inquiry. This book whose publication was a watershed did for silicon-29 NMR what Dale Carnegie's book did for the average shy person and what Ayn Rand did for capitalism. It finally brought silicon-29 NMR lovers out of the shadows of their self-imposed silence into the mainstream community. As for the price, I can say only one thing; this is one of the very very few products, whether in the shoe store, car store or pet store, whose price is completely justified by its quality. It's a clarion call to all silicon-29 NMR specialists who can finally reclaim the dream that the original topaz and mica lovers only dared to contemplate. I am pretty sure that even after several decades it will remain the most referenced and readily available book on the market, and will continue to be a godsend for those hesitant men and women who are uncertain about their future in the silicon-29 NMR field. Three words; buy it now.

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  1. Well, silicon needs to appear in a slightly irresistible form like orchid fragrance, inert sweetener or curious toy, that needs to do nothing more than attract organisms to come get close up, personal and familiar. It has the potential for being durably curious until someone muses onto another use for it, then another someday, and so on. From the rate of evolution on silicon so far, that could take eons. It needs people to mumble and chew on it until the entire range of valences in silicon is fathomed.


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