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As they say, the essence of chemistry is change, so it seems only fitting that I will be moving part of my blogging to a new blog (with the same name) on the Scientific American blogging network. My first post talks about what gets me out of bed every morning (it's not breakfast). Many thanks to Bora Zivkovic for this great opportunity. At SciAm I will be joining a first-rate cast of writers who between them seem to have every field of human inquiry covered.

Am I leaving FoS then? Far from it. FoS has introduced me to some great bloggers and has also provided me with a fine platform. The way I intend to do this is to save the more technical and drug discovery related posts for this site while holding forth on other topics on SciAm. That should ensure that both sites have something different to offer. I will of course be linking to posts on the other site; you could comment on those posts either there or here.

As always, what makes a blog successful are the readers and commentators. Through Twitter, Facebook and mentions on other blogs, many of my posts have gotten more attention than they deserved and for that I am thankful; you should believe me when I say that I have learnt much more from you than you could ever learn from my posts. Hopefully you will continue to hang around both this site and the other one, and I hope to continue benefiting from the interactions.


  1. Congrats Ash! I'll bookmark that site and keep up with both. I always learn so much from everything you write. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations. And also, I disagree: I think your posts get every bit of attention they deserve, they're that good.

  3. Thanks, hope you continue to read and comment and contribute to my scientific education.

  4. Congrats !


  5. Congratulations.

    I enjoy reading this blog and I'll certainly follow the new one.


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