Field of Science

A discussion on Big Science, Small Science and the future of all science

Tomorrow I have the privilege of joining a panel discussion on Big Science with three very distinguished scientists: Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, MIT astrophysics professor Sara Seager and Perimeter Institute cosmologist Neil Turok. The conversation will mostly focus on the problems facing Big Science in a bad economy and how science can retool itself in the new millennium.

The program will be broadcast on Canada's TV Ontario, more specifically on their "The Agenda with Steve Paikin" show at 8 and 11 PM EST. It will be preceded by an interview with star astronomer Chris Hadfield who entertained and informed all of us through his YouTube videos from the International Space Station.

If you are in Canada and have access you might want to check it out since I am sure the conversation will be stimulating. I will have a summary of the discussion here soon, hopefully along with a video or a podcast.

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