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BAGIM event on computational chemistry careers

I want to note an event organized by BAGIM - a Boston area group that organizes talks and discussions on computational chemistry and related topics. It's being held on November 10th and will feature a panel discussion on careers in computational chemistry.

The event should be of special interest to postdocs and graduate students. It's a topic that's interesting partly because it's kind of tricky. It's tricky because computational chemistry is a very interdisciplinary field and its practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds - most commonly from organic and physical chemistry but also increasingly from biology and computer science. 

These days the definition of the field has also greatly expanded to include analysis of large-scale data and bioinformatics. What part you exactly need to know and what employers are looking for are facts that you would probably know only after talking to a few people in the field.

That's why I think these kinds of panel discussions might be useful, especially for people who are just getting into industry and academia. It's worth checking out if you are in the area.

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