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In this latest cover story in 'Chemical and Engineering News', scientists have found out that, apart from the high-tech drugs in the pipeline, the most prosaic everyday items like tea, cholesterol lowering drugs (prosaic, everyday item?!) and TURMERIC POWDER ('Curry powder' for Westerners) can make a contribution toward preventing this debilitating disease. The active compound in turmeric purported to do this is a well-known molecule called curcumin. India, are you listening??

P.S.: For the uninitiated, 'Phodni' refers to the mixture of spices, almost ubiquitous in Indian, and especially Maharashtrian cooking, that invariably contains turmeric powder.

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  1. The title is very funny. One does not usually associate something hot and spicy (like phodni) with medicine (cool and soothing). I thought you would talk about some controversy in alzhiemers from the title.

    Not that I am dissapointed. :)


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