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Favourite author among 2006 medalists

I am happy that the author of my all-time favourite biochemistry textbook is being awarded the National Medal of Science. Others include Dervan (Caltech bioorganic), Caruthers (Colorado, DNA etc.) and Langer (MIT materials, biology). All great scientists.


  1. That´s also my favourite biochemistry textbook :-)
    So what is your favourite OC textbook?

  2. Well, for several years now, it is the big green book by Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers. Simply awesome. Link, just in case.

  3. You won´t believe it but that´s also my favourite OC textbook. Man, we have pretty similar tastes ;-)

  4. That's a VERY unlikely coincidence...out of all those OC and BC textbooks out there, what are the chances?! Nice! :)


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