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And you wonder why atheists bristle when the religious call them 'intolerant'

A very reasonable religious woman writes in on a show to ask Pat Robertson how she could strike a middle ground between herself and her boyfriend who is an atheist. He has stuck by her for a long time and the two obviously are quite close. Do we need to guess how the Reverend Robertson responds? Remember that this guy is still worshipped by millions of people. And they say Richard Dawkins is 'intolerant' of religious people.


  1. I haven't listened to the video. I think Robertson is a goof. I've read enough atheist blogs about this video to know that of course you're offended. Of course you feel insulted. But look at it from the other side.

    Why in the world would an atheist want to be with, to be locked into a marriage perhaps, something that requires the promise of committment, why would an atheist want to do that with someone whose beliefs s/he considers ignorant, stupid, uneducated, idiotic etc. etc.? It doesn't make sense. So what if they've been together for a long time? Lot's of people stay in disfunctional relationships for a long time.

    As a retired Marriage / Relationship Counsellor it doesn't matter whose side you're coming from, religion and the absence of religion is not something you want to join legally. It's just asking for A LOT of needless pain.

    It's just possible, you know, that as an old Pastor, Robertson has a lot more experience in listening to relationship problems than you and I combined. Just because he's ignorance in some areas doesn't mean he's out to lunch in all areas.

  2. There are two issues here. One is the actual pragmatism of engaging in such a relationship. There I do think it may be a bad match and agree with you.

    But the real issue is not just Robertson's attitude toward the relationship but his attitude towards the possible compatibility of belief and atheism. Knowing his background and his general views, it's pretty clear that he thinks that there cannot be a middle ground between the two, and not just when it comes to a romantic relationship. If millions of people also think the same way, who are they to lecture keep on claiming that atheists are "intolerant". I have no problem agreeing with a moderate Christian who actually thinks there can be a middle ground. Robertson clearly does not think so and then it stinks when people who admire him accuse atheists of being intolerant.

  3. Well, I have atheist neighbours and I've had atheist co workers and we've gotten along just fine. When it comes to marriage however, and I mean a good marriage, I just don't know why someone would do that to themselves. Opposites surely do attract, but they just as surely irritate in the long run. Even when the traits seem to be good, if, because of a "love need" we've misinterpreted those traits, then carefree becomes irresponsible, caring becomes confining, mature becomes boring, and on and on. Marriage is a long haul and well worth the effort, but people only have so much effort and when that's gone, it's good and gone.

    Of course there's always people who just love to prove the rule wrong. And that's ok I guess. Otherwise there wouldn't be any work for people like me $$$$$

  4. Well, there are hardcore atheists who consider religious people ignorant, and then there are those of us who just don't care about religion. I'm fine with people of faith who are doing something constructive with it, though I don't have any religious beliefs myself. It's hatemongers like Robertson I'm not cool with.


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