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I am finally in the Garden State after a rather protracted road trip amply filled with fever and a cold brought on by all the allergies dust stirred up during packing (I think there's a Nobel Prize in the wings for discovering the true nature of allergies).

The first thing I rather surprisingly notice is how much more tiring it is to drive here compared to Atlanta where the drivers are supposed to be rather rash. Plus, the constant exits and bifurcations on several different highways, routes and streets that one needs to traverse to travel quite non-linearly between any two points is frustrating. I am also hoping to actually see some gardens in the garden state. My hundreds of books also made the journey here although I have to still check how many of them are still in pristine condition. And I am still looking for an apartment while I am comfortably imposing myself on my cousin at his place.

For now I am aiming to hang out a little at the bookstores and cafes in nearby Princeton, hoping to meet some like-minded people. If you want to pointlessly muse and pontificate and don't feel scared in meeting strange new people, drop me a line. I would also appreciate it if anyone could bring their wisdom to bear on three things important to me; good bookstores (other than the ubiquitous Borders), good movie theaters where one can especially catch off-beat or foreign movies, and good restaurants and cafes where one can stare blankly at nothingness for hours and read.


  1. Welcome to Princeton! It's been a while since I was back, but I have heard great things about Labyrinth books on Nassau St in Princeton.

    There is also a small move theater at the corner of Nassau and Washington in Princeton (2 screens I think). I remember seeing lots of esoteric stuff there. Besides there, there are numerous megaplexes along route 1. If I think of any more I'll let you know.


  2. Hi Joe...good to see you here. Thanks for your recommendations; I will certainly check out Labyrinth books as well as the movie theater. Whistle if you are in the area anytime.

  3. The Cranbury Bookworm is a very nice used book store on the main street of Cranbury.

  4. Also you could use google maps to find parks and gardens nearby... or to ascertain if they even exist

  5. um looks like my first comment disappeared. I'd suggest and to find interesting places and people

  6. thanks! efforts to locate like-minded people on these sites have so far been interesting.

  7. Hi! I'm in Princeton! In the Chemistry department!

    The Garden Theatre (the one on Nassau Street) is definitely worth going to. They have a knack of showing obscure films that later go on to be big Oscar winners (like Million Dollar Baby, Slumdog Millionaire, There will be blood). It is a very cute movie theatre with some old fashioned fixtures (but modern screen, sound etc). There is a similar but bigger movie theatre about 5 miles north on 206, in Montgomery:


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