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Next week I am attending and giving a talk at the ACS National Meeting in Boston. Lots of interesting presentations, but the unusual title of one talk in particular caught my eye:

"Was plagiarism involved in the development of the Woodward—Hoffmann rules?"

Jeffrey I. Seeman Ph.D.

That sounds like fun! I am guessing the answer is going to be 'no'. It's in Room 205A/B on Monday, August 23rd.


  1. Don't you mean the Woodward-Hoffman-Corey rules?

  2. Yeah, I thought Corey had already taken his swipe at this - doe Seeman have some inside information?

    Which blog was it that had the "I gave E.J.Cory the idea for the Woodward-Hoffman Rules"?

  3. That was "The Chem Blog". I even bought the mug saying that.

    The last time I met Seeman he said he was going to take a detailed look at the archives at Harvard. So I am guessing he has something new to add.

  4. Maybe Corey will be in attendance?

    The only thing the Harvard archives probably offers is the massive collection of items left by Woodward. If Woodward actually stole the idea, I doubt he would have left written evidence of it. Also, I think some of the items in the archive are still under embargo until all of the parties involved are dead. But since Seeman thinks it's going to make a good talk, there's a decent chance he's got some fresh meat.


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