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The cyanuric acid-melamine doggie

I was reading a 1995 ACR review by the priestley George Whitesides yesterday, and one of the things he talked about was the stunning cyanuric-acid melamine hydrogen bonded system. So I fired up my old Macromodel dashboard, and built up a few of these beautiful symmetrical structures.

Image Hosted by

But somewhere in the middle, I realised I could do other stuff...

Some bloggers have complained once in a while that they want a pony, iPod, and other such creature comforts. All I can do right now is give them a doggie. Ponies will have to wait; sorry fellas.

Here's the cyanuric acid-melamine doggie

Image Hosted by

And here it is in its hydrogen bonded glory

Image Hosted by

Sure, it looks more like some weird hybrid version rather than a pure breed. In fact, it's hard to get everything in exactly the same plane. But there's only so much that one can do with two molecules and their hydrogen bonded potential, which turns out to be a lot actually.

P.S. The OPLS force field sucks for optimization of melamine. Good old MMFF is swell for it though.


  1. You also joined in the bandwagon! Childish bloggeres like psi*psi are really influencing you;(

  2. Hee...well, a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes! If nothing else, saves you the trouble of writing reams of words.

  3. i did try to make it look like a poodle...glad that somebody recognised it!

  4. Excellent work, but I still want a pony.


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